Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mom's Club at Oopsie Daisy Boutique

Want to shop for top brand name baby items at prices? Oopsie Daisy started a Mom's Club membership so you can pay for a year long membership to save big money on your favorite products. 
An awesome idea right?

GOLD Membership: $50
PLATINUM Membership: $100

Here are some examples of the money you can save with the Gold and Platinum Oopsie Daisy Mom's Club. You can save on even more things like children's clothing and shoes, kid furniture, bedding, toys, baby essentials and more!  I can't believe how much you can save, for me, the Platinum Membership makes the most sense.  
So how can you sign up? Go to the Mom's Club page and easily join, what's great is if you want to buy the $50 Gold Membership and then upgrade to you a Platinum Membership, you can upgrade any time of the year with another $50.  

Shopping Online:
When buying a membership, every time you sign in you are connecting to the awesome Mom's Club pricing depending on which membership you purchased.   When logged in you can see the pricing of how much you can save and within 72 hours is a risk free trial period where you can change your mind.  

Go into the store: 
Also with your Mom's Club Membership, you can go into the Oopsie Daisy Daybreak store and see pricing of how much you can save for every item. Whatever is easier!

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