Monday, February 25, 2013

Organization ideas for baby closets

Are you an organized person? Like to know where every little item is in your house and if you need something right away you can go right to the correct location and find it? Well, I'm like that. I like to not only keep things clean, but organized.  
Here are some ideas of what you can do to organize your baby closet. 
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Here is a beautiful baby boy nursery.  It looks like there is not a lot of space so they took out the closet doors to have a walk in closet for the clothing, and also the changing table as well.  
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 Another cute organization tip for a baby closet is to keep track of the clothing age like the image below.  Many stores online sell these cute dividers which can help you keep track or find the right size easily.
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This closet looks so organized. If you look closely you can see the closet only has two hanger racks and the other storage comes from hanging shoe racks which of course you don't need to use for just shoes.  I have one of these cute racks from IKEA which didn't cost that much.  It's easy to throw things in and keep some kind of organization, but it's easy to see the mess or have things fall out.  You can sometimes buy drawers with these as well to hide the mess.
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If you have money to spend or if your house has built in closets, you can fit.... and hide... a lot of clothing and toys.  This was my favorite built in closet with doors.  I also liked how the left side has shelves and the right side has hangers.
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Lastly, buying fabric bins is a great way to fill those empty closet shelves for your baby closet/bedroom.  I like this closet how they chose neutral color bins and added the pink tags to match.  If you move, the baby changes bedrooms, or you want to use the bins for something else, you have a neutral color to go with.  Also, you can buy or make liners for these baskets to add pattern or color as well.  Just a thought :)
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Good luck my organizing buddies! May your closets be organized!

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