Monday, December 31, 2012

Sage Spoonfuls Kits for baby food

Making baby food can save you money but sometimes might seem overwhelming from the amount of time you have to put into making the food.  Sage Spoonfuls is an amazing gift for an expecting mom which can help you put together little snacks and meals for when your baby is being introduced to new foods.  
Here is the Sage Spoonful Start up Kits which looks amazing! I love the blender and food processor, easy recipe book, and labels and jars to keep food in the fridge.  

This kit has 12 4-ounce storage jars with a stackable storage tray to keep in your fridge.  You can also buy jars separately like you see below.  These jars are air tight and dishwasher safe.  I love the labels you can put on the jar so you can remember what the food is and when you made it.  
The Simple Recipe book has quick and easy recipes for you to blend the baby food.  If I had this I would love to know how to make the baby food as good as possible.  

This kit looks amazing and I can't wait to one day get one.  What a great way to make your baby food without the extra preservatives and at a great price for your baby.  

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