Monday, December 10, 2012

Invitations from Sophie Design Boutique

Looking for some invitations to announce a baby shower or birth of your little one? Sophie Design Boutique makes unique and beautiful invitations for this, and more events from birthdays, weddings, spotlights, or any other announcement you want to celebrate like these cute baby invitations below.  

Everything can be custom designed to make them as extravagant or simple as you would like. I love these cute baby announcements that come in a beautiful pouch and invitations with the baby's weight, height, birthdate, and time.  

 Here is another cute baby invitation from Sophie Design Boutique. This "boy oh boy" invite is so cute, and I love how all of these invitations are put together.  

 Here are some more cute invitations that Sophie Design Boutique has created.

 Aren't all of these invitations unique and beautiful! I love how you can give your input of colors, theme, and other ideas you want to incorporate.  Come check out more of their cute ideas at: or on Facebook.  


  1. You have beautiful ideas and designs! I have two pregnant daughters so I'm just drawn to all these adorable shower invitations and baby announcements. Stopped by from Kathe with an E.

  2. Hi Elise! These invitations are lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be following you as well! ;-)


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