Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gender Reveal Invitations

Gender Reveals are everywhere now!  I can't believe all of the cute ideas people are coming up with to announce their new baby.  Gender Reveal parties are way to celebrate the announcement of their baby's gender and wow are there cute ideas for invitations.  

Here is where you can find cute gender reveal invitations:

"Little Peanut on the Way
 Pink or Blue what do you say?"
From Etsy Juneberry Lane

"What will it Bee???"
From Etsy Libby Lane Press

Bowties or Bows Gender Party Reveal

"Someone is joining the family, can you guess WHOOO?"
From Etsy Simply Sprinked

"Waddle it be? A HE or a SHE?
Let's take a peek and see!"
Gender reveal invites from Etsy  Kristin Z Kreations

"A pea in a pod, what a bundle of joy
a gift from Heaven 
Is it a girl or a boy?"
From Etsy Simply Sprinked

"Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are..."

Dress in Pink or Blue to show what you guess the baby's gender will be.

Mustache incorporated in the inviations
From Etsy Le Partie Sugar

These are just a fraction of the cute gender reveal party invitations.  There are so many great ideas!  If you want to share some of the pictures from your gender reveal let me know!


  1. Those are so cute! Sadly, I have to wait for grandchildren before I can get busy with a design. :/

    On the other hand, after we had two boys, we (all) thought we were done with kids. But nature had other plans. So, when we found out we were going to add a daughter/sister, we "announced" to MIL and one of her sisters in a special way. I had gotten a little pink and white striped sleeper and we put it in a store bag. Our oldest boy (then 6) went and gave his "Grammy" the bag. She pulled out the outfit and asked who was it for. Our oldest said, "It's for my baby sister!" Grammy "fell out". It was GREAT! :O)

  2. So very cute, and very creative ways to announce the baby's gender. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!


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