Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ikea Ung Drill Frames

Today I bought a Ikea Ung Drill frame and I can't tell you how excited I am to paint it and put it somewhere cute. See how you can use these frames for your little boy or girl.
First, you can use it for a party. This is for a little girl's princess birthday party and this is so perfect. I will definitely replicate this party idea. From:

Here is the Ung Drill frame as a magnetic board you can put in a little girl room or nursery. The white frame is great because there are so many possibilities. You can put basically any kind of background behind it. From: Etsy

You can use this Ikea frame for all kinds of pictures. Look how cute this turquoise Ung Drill is with this sweet baby girl in the frame. From: From:

Here is the frame in purple, it is used as a mirror in this baby nursery. Placing a mirror in the frame can create an illusion of more space and can be placed in a bathroom, over a bed, in an entrance etc. From: From:
You can use more bold colors on the frame and can use this piece as a chalkboard (by using chalkboard paint). From:
Here are some examples of putting initials in these Ung Drill Frames. Love how this pink frame has a patterned green fabric in the back and a white letter on top of it. It looks like this is placed above a bed. From:
Here is an adorable birthday party where they used this Ikea frame. I usually don't put these two colors together but it turned out so good. The best is that you can use this as a party decoration and then hang it up somewhere in your house. From:
Here is another initial in the frame. This frame matches the furniture in this baby nursery. Are you coming up with ideas how to incorporate this frame in your house? From:
Here is a more unconventional way to use the frame. They placed this white frame around the table cards which really does make the table look beautiful and have a vintage feel. Maybe you could put it like this at a baby shower around a cake or party favors. From:

So elegant, here is a baby shower for Peyton. The frame looks great against a plain background at the center of this table. From:

Here is the frame in original black color. You can also use this as a pin board by placing fabric and/or batting. From:

Here is the frame used to frame a piece of art. Wow, can you see how many different ways this frame can be used.

In this picture, you can see how the frames are used on either side of this entrance. Maybe you could have this at a wedding, bridal shower, etc. From: Google images
Lastly I wanted to sneak this picture in to show another amazing room that used the Ung Drill frames. These three frames are set equally a part on the wall and are definitely the focal point of this room. From:
Phew!!! Hope you got some great ideas to use this amazing Ikea Ung Drill Frames. I am so excited to paint mine this week and am excited to use it for holidays, baby rooms, parties you name it! The possibilities and colors are endless.


  1. many cute ideas...I think I might need another!!!

  2. how did you repaint the frame! I have been looking for this frame for my girls room so long!

    1. I found the frame at Ikea and here is how I spray painted the frame:

  3. The UNG DRILL frame actually comes as a mirror too so you don't have to worry about cutting a mirror to fit!


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