Friday, April 6, 2012

Choosing a Colorful Crib

Today you can choose from tons of crib colors and don't need to stick with just white, black, or a brown wood color. If you want to find something more unique and playful, look at some colorful options to see if it is something you should purchase.
Here is an adorable pink crib. It looks good with a taupe colored wall, a pink wall would be way too much pink for me. It's interested how the sides of the cribs have the same fabric as the bed sheets. From:
Here is a fun green crib. This designer loves colors as you can tell from the bright red letters over the crib and rug, and blue curtains. You can be as bright and fun as you want in a baby nursery and using fun colors is one way for the room to stand out. From:
I like this yellow crib. Yellow is a 'happy' color and definitely brings some sunshine in this room. This yellow is not too bright or overpowering. It looks like the other furniture and accessories are yellow as well. From:
Here is another yellow crib in a different setting. The color is more bright and against a darker wall it really stands out. The art pieces are also bright an make a statement in this nursery. From:
These cute cribs are from They have a structural design and the crib bars come in different colors as you can see below.
Here is a bright red crib which really stands out. I would probably choose a different wall color and some more accessories, but this is another option to design a unique nursery. From:
Even though this color is not too colorful, I still wouldn't consider it one of the traditional crib colors (black, white, and wood brown). You can choose different shades of browns or grays to make the crib different but stay more safe with the color. From:
Here are some cute teal/turquoise cribs. Turquoise is a popular color now and this would be a cute option for our cute baby. You can actually use this crib for a boy or girl crib, add navy blue or green for a boy and some cute pink sheets and accessories for a girl's room. From:

Here is a blue crib which looks a lot like the crib above. This room has yellow splashed all around and keeps the white walls so the crib's colors stands out. From:

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  1. What a fun and fresh idea! I might do a funky color next time I get the chance to decorate a nursery!


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