Friday, March 9, 2012

St. George/Las Vegas Part 1

This last weekend we stayed two days in St. George then went down to Las Vegas which was so much fun. We didn't take many pictures in St. George, but it was cold in the mornings, but got in the 60s during the day which was perfect for hiking and playing tennis.

Here are some things we did in Las Vegas: Eating out for my birthday dinner and at a bunch of great places.

We stayed at the Stratosphere while we were in Vegas. This is a picture at the pool and us seeing people do the infamous drop off off the Stratosphere.

Since we stayed in the Stratosphere we were able to go to the top whenever we wanted. It was beautiful seeing all of the lights from the city.

Love NY NY. We walked EVERYWHERE. Our poor feet were dying.

The design in each of the buildings is amazing. It was so fun walking around everywhere. On Monday we walked for 10 hours I think we calculated. We went up and down seeing everything we needed to.

There were so many candy shops, this one was so cute.

Here we are exhausted. We hit up the Coke and M&M factory.

We hit up a few hotels that we have never been in before. The Luxor was really neat to see.

More cool places we went to see:

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  1. It looks like you and Chris had a wonderful time in Vegas. Happy Birthday Elise, we hope you had the best birthday ever. You are such a sweet niece, we love you very much.


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