Friday, March 16, 2012

Kayley's Baby Shower

What an amazing baby shower that my friend Kayley had a few weeks ago. I didn't go, but she had some amazing pictures from this event that she let me use
She used blues and yellows as her theme. Look how cute these mason jar drinks are. You can buy huge packs of these straws for a great deal and they look so good.
Love all of the banners that she put up everywhere, it looks so so so good and of course keeps with her colors.
This is my favorite picture, look how elegant. All of the decorations just go well with everything.
Look at all of the detail, even the ribbon on the napkins.
These signs in the cupcakes are so cute. Look at the blues and yellows still everywhere. You can buy and make some of these signs. Wherever she got them they are so perfect.
More banners. I like the triangles in the back of "baby Oliver" part of the banner. She could probably even hang this in his room or save parts of it for a birthday sign.
A spot for some games
So cute, I love the theme and how everything turned out. Good work Kayley and family, I'm excited for this baby to come soon!

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  1. I love this section of your blog! Always looking for baby shower ideas! You're my new go-to girl! Thanks for sharing


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