Friday, February 3, 2012

Adventures in Park City

While visiting Park City, we toured the town and did some fun things. Our first night there Jeff and Natalie came to stay with us. We ate at Park City Pizza Company which was really good. I definitely recommend it. Afterward we hit up Main Street and it was cold! Unfortunately we didn't see anyone famous but I kept hearing about certain people who had come into town for the Sundance Festival.

I liked seeing the unique shops that Park City has with different art pieces, history, etc. Here I am by a moose :)At night we would play games by the fireplace. Such a fun time, it was good getting away and spending time away from tv.
Cam and Alexa came the second night to stay with us. During the day we did some shopping and ate dinner at Ruby Tuesdays which was really really good.
In the night time we went to the hot tub which was right next to the building we were staying. It was freezing outside but the hot tub was so nice and hot and felt amazing. We ran there and then back when we were done.
We also checked out Olympic Park in Park City. Here we are in a bobsled. You can even pay to go down in a bobsled down the Olympic course.
Here are Cam and Alexa going down some ski slopes.
We had such a fun time in PC!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that pizza is making me drool. I want some right now! It looks like you guys had such an awesome time in PC! I'm jealous :)


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