Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going to the 'D'

We are BACK!!! We had a great time in Michigan. We went the week after Christmas and had a great time with my family. Here are some of the highlights:

Going to Somerset. It is so pretty and all dressed up for the holidays. This is the three-story Santa Castle.

The puppets hang from the ceiling and many are over 15 feet tall.

Here we are in front of our house before Bella would jump all over us. Of course most of the things we wore were black and Bella is white so she shed all over us.

Here she is! She liked this bow and Chris would chase her around and she loved it. Oh, the first morning we were there I left our room to use the restroom, Bella had snuck into the room and onto the bed and was so excited to see Chris that she wizzed all over the bed and somehow on his pillow!!!!

My favorite men. They went to a Pistons game together one night.
We also went to the Detroit Temple which was great.

We went to the Henry Ford Museum to show Chris all kinds of cars... but the exhibit was closed! Bummer. So we saw some other cool things....

Oh, we did go to the closed section once so Chris could get a picture with this Ford GT

Bugatti for royalty.

My personal favorite since I was young... The WienermobileHere I am in a hotdog in front of the Wienermobile

Going out to eat. We passed a restaurant in Detroit and I pointed it out to Chris, a few hours later my dad said there was a shooting at that very place.

My dad and Emma walking by Comerica Park

Yay what a fun trip
We went to Sherlock Holmes in the MOTION SEATS. Way cool, when they would go on a boat it felt like you were floating gently along. On horses you were going up and down at the same time as in the movie, fights you would move all around etc.

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