Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black Friday Shopping :)


It was a such a fun day. I had a few naps during Thanksgiving and was SOO tired when I got up at 3am. Nichole and I have had our master plan or a while and were excited to put it into action. She lives right by me so I picked her up and we were at the mall. We were going to Sears first but the line was huge and we couldn't wait to shop so we went to a few stores. Right at 4 (when Sears opened) we made sure to be inside at the huge opening and right when the store opened all of us ran in and we were in by 2 seconds.

We were about to wait in line for H&M but I'm glad we didn't because it was supposed to open at 5 but opened at 6. We waited in line for Sephora and ran in like crazy at 6am and got some of the $10 deals. We then went to H&M and the line to get in and the register was a joke. We went to some other stores after like BBB and Nordstrom Rack.

Yay, successful shopping day!!!! These are just Nicole's things. We got all of our Christmas shopping done so that was great. The day after Black Friday we put up our cute Christmas Tree and I had all gifts wrapped and under!!!! Of courses I remember a thing or two I still need to get, but still most everything has been taken care of. YAY!!

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