Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh, good idea

If you don't have Pinterest, you need to get it. I am so inspired by the great ideas people have and feel like I'm kept up to date. Kind of a random post, but here are some cool ideas I've stumbled across one from each of my categories.

Here is a cool cake stand you can make from planter pots. I have never thought about this. Ok I've seen these the last few weeks but I'm excited ballet flat TOMS are going to be coming out and I love the leopard-ish ones!
I find different sayings that are funny, make me feel better, or are just good to hear. From: asdfghjkllove.tumblr.com
I love this idea for kids. It is a great way to have books, toys, or snacks for the kids in the car. From: themayfly.com

For my holiday section I found this awesome no sew tree skirt. I don't know if I will make it, but it is so pretty. From: mycrazylife-lauren.blogspot.com
I thought this was neat as well, making your own cookbook online and uploading your pictures of your family. I definitely want to do this when I have kids and have built up my favorite recipes. From memoriesoncloverlane.com
I love all of the cool birthday party ideas. I thought this was awesome for a pool party. From: watermelon.org
This is so up my alley, a diy craft island. Basically they bought four shelving units and put them together and put a sewing mat board on top. This is so cool. From: georgiapeachez.typepad.com.

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