Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Texting Behind the Wheel

Today my dad emailed us about a colleage of his who died yesterday from a car crash. No the kid who hit him was not drinking and driving, but texting. My dad told of the grieving wife and two kids this man left behind and the kid who was texting is facing manslaughter charges.
I was touched by my dad telling us how much he cared for us and to not be stupid while behind the wheel. I'm glad he cares so much and he made each of us promise to not do anything with our phones when we drive.
A story we grew up with was about one of my dad's best friends growing up. I don't know how old he was at the time, but the friend was sitting on a public bench on the side of the road. Two dumb kids were driving on that road and came up with the idea to get as close to the bench as possible without hitting it. Unfortunately they hit the bench and killed my dad's friend. I remember my dad telling me a few years ago those boys, now men were still in jail.
I know accidents happen, but these tragedies could have been prevented of people were not careless and thinking about others. Make a goal to be safe behind the wheel and to not be foolish. I think about the families of both sides of these tragedies and I told my husband today (he promised as well to be safe and not text) that I did not want to ever visit him in a grave yard or in jail. Be smart.

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