Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer treats I made

I took some pictures of some treats I made this summer. Here are two of the trifles I made. I just lined the bottom with vanilla cake and made different layers by combining either cool whip, vanilla pudding, strawberry gelatin and crushed pinapple. I liked how I lined the first one with kiwis.

Here is fruit pizza. Basically it is a large sugar cookie rolled out and cream cheese frosting is put on top with fruit. So yummy.

"Pink Stuff" I never know if it has a real name because ever since I was young I called it pink stuff so the name is stuck with me. Basically it is cool whip with strawberry gelatin mixed in. Then I'll mix in marshmellows, apples, madrine oranges, strawberries, or whatever fruit I have around.

Bumpy cake. My mom bought me a recipe cake kit where it came with pans, spatula, the recipe, and many of the ingredients. My uncle's favorite cake is bumpy cake and I think it is sooo good.

Another delicious treat is homemade icecream. Chris and I got this icecream maker for our wedding and we have enjoyed using it. I usually make the basic vanilla recipe which is:

1 cup whole milk

3/4 cup granulated sugar

pinch of salt

2 cups heavy cream

1 T pure vanilla extract

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  1. I think it's hilarious that you call it pink stuff! My family always called it "the pink stuff" Haha! Not sure what it's really called either, but my sister and I LOVE it and can finish off the bowl by ourselves.
    You're desserts look so yummy! I love making trifles cause they always look so pretty and yummy and, bonus, they're pretty easy! I also love that you can customize them how ever. I'm gonna try kiwi next too. Mmmm


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