Friday, August 12, 2011

Things that help make our kitchen run

This is a plastic bag holder we got at Bed Bath & Beyond. We used to throw our plastic grocery bags under the sink but this helps keep everything in order and clean.

This is the dry erase board I blogged about awhile ago. I'll write down a grocery list or write down or meal plan.

Our smelly candle. We plug it in and our apartment smells so good.

This is a spice rack we got from our wedding from BBB. I would not regularly use spices unless they were right there. This rack is so handy.

The timer is on our fridge and helps me so much bc I don't like using a timer on the oven or microwave. This one was from Walmart and is magnetic.

Here are our Emma dishes which I love. We got them from our wedding at PB and they help us get through our day.

Emma Dinnerware-White

We have a ton of cool cooking gadgets but I use these things every day!!!

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  1. It's fun to see what other people use in their kitchen and what they find handy! :)


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