Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crazy Encounters at the Airport

I totally people watch at the airport. It is so interesting to me, on my way to and from Michigan I took notes of interesting things I saw in the airport and on the plane... ENJOY

• A man standing up and putting deodorant on
• We hadn't boarded for moe than two minutes and the woman in front of me changed her babies diaper
• Waiting at the gate and a woman doing the splits on the ground and staying like that as she read a book
• A lady was checking in her and her dog and she asked if the dog could get sky miles (maybe they can but it sounds so dumb).
• Too many pillow pets and one shaped like a pokemon.
• At the gate, a guy sitting three seats away from me asking me to save his spot. I felt so bad bc I wasn't paying attention and a businessman on his phone say there. Oops
• Two girls carrying fake bats ... Yes like the animal.. Onto the plane. I have no idea why, they were over a foot long
• A really presumptuous lady w a huge hat. She would have fit perfectly I the royal wedding
• A girl with panda ear headphones
• People bringing a longboard and rollerblades on the plane
• I swear I saw an Amish person on a cell phone.
• A man was flossing his teeth at the gate.
• One flight attendent started singing the Tigger song... "the most wonderful about thing about Tiggers, are Tiggers are wonderful things..."
• Oh, and a girl wheeling a Cake Cricut on the plane (ME LOL)

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  1. Haha! Oh that's awesome and too funny! i love people watching too :)


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