Friday, July 29, 2011

Time Out According to Supernanny

I have been watching the show supernanny recently. These are her rules for TO. It doesn't mean that they are correct, but she shows that when a child does something wrong, this is a healthy way they can be disciplined and can change behavior.

• There is a better way than physical abuse
• Before Time Out, give a child warning of their behavior. Come down to their eye level and tell then if they continue ____ behavior they well have to go to Time Out.
• Child does it again they go to TO. Parent needs to tell them why they are in TO.
• The TO location should not be a bedroom, somewhere fun or distracting like w toys or something. You show TO is not a privilege. The child needs time to think of what they did was wrong.
• TO length should only be the childs age. Sending them to TO for half hour is too long and unrealistic for children. A short time seems so long to kids and going there is not fun for them. Supernanny has parents use a timer. If the child gets off of TO, they should be taken back and the time starts again.
• Parents should leave the child during Time Out so the child can think. Playing, cuddling etc w the child can send messages that when they do something to get to TO they get more attention and they will continue to do that.
• Of a child gets off TO before their time is done, they need to go back and the time starts again. Having them get off whenever they chose puts the child in control of discipline instead of the parent.
• After the time is done, have the child explain why they were in TO. Sometimes parents can kindly remind child what they did was wrong and the child needs to apologize
• Hug and tell your child how you love them

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  1. Wow! I didn't know there was so much behind a simple time out.


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