Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today is going to be a great day if you make it that way

This morning I woke up and instead of jumping in the car, I decided to spend some 'me' time and got ready, made breakfast, read some world news, read an Ensign talked, and of course blogged.

I loved the talk I read by Elder Uchtdorf which was called "Looking for the Good." He told a story of how a family was moving in the area and talked to two neighbors, one told of how great a school was and its teachers and the other told how it was so bad, they couldn't stand it. Both were talking of the same school, he said we can find bad wherever we go, but we can also find good wherever we go. Which one will you look for? There is so much joy and happiness all around and counting our blessings every day can help us realize that.
I love the story I heard of a Relief Society President who, by every name of each sister in her ward, wrote three positive things. Instead of tearing someone down, she was looking for the good which sometimes isn't as evident in some people especially if you don't know them well.
I think we can look for the good and that glass "half full" all of the time, no matter what hardships or trials we're going through. Believe me, everyone has some kind of trial they are going through and I love the saying that "someone always has it worse than you" because we shouldn't have a bad attitude but know that the Lord loves us. We aren't the only one going through something difficult.
Well it is Saturday, look for the good this weekend and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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