Monday, March 28, 2011

Making fabric rosettes

I love these rosette flowers and you can make them from so many different material and use them for so many things. There are many ways you can make these but here is what I do. I had some blue satiny fabric that I cute about 1.5 inches wide and as long as the piece was. I folded the piece in half so the rosette can be thicker. To begin I place the long piece on my left side and have it folded in half. Then fold over an end as I did in this pic. After I fold the piece over, I fold the piece over once or twice and it starts creating a piece as below. I have a needle and thread that I will put through the whole thing (once I have it the way I want). For the rest of the time I will not put the needle through the whole flower because it will make it really tight and end up like a ball. As I twist the flower around, I keep twisting the fabric to my left and place it on the center flower and once I have it where I like it, I use my needle to pin it in place. Here is what I have now and you can see the twisting. There is no right or wrong way, you can just start twisting till it looks good to you. Here is a picture of how I don't thread m needle through the whole middle of the flower, but I just 'tack' the flower on the ends. And here it is with a little more fabric. When I have the flower the size that I like, I keep a piece at the end and I just glue it or sew it to the backside so no ends are showing And here we go!!!

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  1. I love making these. I usually just use hot glue on the whole thing instead of sewing, cause it seems easier to me. Cute.


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