Friday, February 25, 2011

Second Valentine's Day Together

It is so hard being sneaky while living with the person you are trying to surprise. The night before Valentines I sneakily went to our car and decorated it with hearts on the inside of the windows. He was surprised to see it the day but since the windows were so cold that they fell off. Oh well. On Valentine's morning I had everything ready to lay out, Chris left and I spread these large Smarties (he loves this candy) all over our room with reasons why I love him on it. I also made that sign I blogged about already and put it up and decorated the rest of the room as well.
This is the cute watch he picked out for me :) I love it, it's so cute!!! I think he did a great job in picking it out all by himself. He was so sneaky and said he needed the car manual under the seat... and there was a heart shaped box for me with the watch!!! Also roses too which I love :)During lunch I txt Chris to go to his car and he found a pair of shoes that he's wanted too as well.

My parents sent us Valentine's Day treats as well. This is a turtle with chocolate, carmel, and pecans. I love it! This went quick.

I thought this was so cute as well, Amanda from work made these cute butterflies and had rolos in them.

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  1. Sounds like you both did cute things for each other!

    Do you only have one car now? How
    Do do you both get to work?


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