Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby skirts in less than 30 mins

Look how cute this baby skirt is! I went to our stake super saturday and one of the activities I did was making easy baby skirts.

We chose our fabric they brought and looking at these measurements determined the width of the skirt. I know it doesn't have the length for the skirts, that's because you can make it however long or short you want.
K, so you cut two pieces of fabric with the length you can determine from the picture . You place the inside out and pin the shorter sides which is the length and sew down those sides.

On the waist. You folks over the fabric not once, but twice so it can have a better finish. I pinned it down as you can see from the picture. I sewed around the bottom of the folded edge (so I sewed that bottom edge where I pinned) and left a half inch because that's where you will be putting your elastic through.

In this picture you can see that the skirt is still inside out and you can see the bottom part where
I sewed. I used elastic and made it the SAME width as the skirt. So if your skirt was 16 inches wide... You make the elastic 16 inches. I placed the elastic on a safety pin and thread it through the band of the skirt we created. At the end I sewed the two stands together many many times so it would not become loose or come apart.

Next I folded up the bottom of the skirt like 1/4- 1/2 inch and ironed it for a crisp finish. I then just went and sewed it from the inside.

Lastly, I decorated it with this cute ribbon I have. These skirts are so easy you can add so many cute details:
Ruffles, ribbon, flowers, matching headbands or shoes, etc. I used the ribbon and you can see it pinned down and ready to be sewn!


  1. so, will you have your own baby soon to wear this? :)

  2. Ha not yet but I'll be saving it for a cute little somebody. Hows it going?


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