Monday, January 3, 2011

Tips for framing

One of our wedding pictures all framed from Hobby Lobby!
What I learned about framing a picture:
* custom framing usually is more expensive than just buying a frame
* buying glass is separate and comes in glossy and unglossy
* many times if you buy a frame the store can frame it (put it all together for free)
* large mats for the mating costs can cost under $10, you can either do it yourself or each cut costs you a certain amount
* Hobby Lobby has good picture frame deals and you can always use a coupon
* the store can add the wire hooks and backing on the back for really cheap so you don't need to. I paid $5 for three backing then $1 for the wirehook they put on for me
* when choosing a color for your frame it matters if the picture looks good in a frame, but even more important in my opinion that it looks good but matches the rooms and decor you have in your place
*choose the frame before the matting
* Chris says most implortantly you need to look god in your picture. Jk

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