Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FHE GAME: Clue + Charades + Telephone

Last night was so fun for FHE. I'm still the FHE group leader this spring/summer and we had our 2nd Counselor visit for a lesson and a game of Clue + Charades + Telephone for our activity which was so fun.
Three people leave the room and the rest of us come up with a person, weapon, and location like in clue. We came up with some pretty weird ones like "It was Yoda, with a prosthetic leg, at an amusement park" or "Donatello (MNT), with a staple, at the gas station."
The FIRST person comes into the room and choses three people to act out one of options for people, place, or weapon. The first person has the SECOND person come in and acts all three out for them. Then the second person does it for the THIRD person who has to end up guessing what happened. It ends up being so funny it was a lot of fun!!! Definitely reccomend it

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