Sunday, December 5, 2010

Temple Square Lights

This year we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights. We went early to go to Pottery Barn where the SLC location had 10% off the whole store, and since we registered there, we get an additional 10% off of everything, so I definitely wanted to take up the opportunity.
Before we went up, Chris said we should make it into a whole date night and go somewhere for dinner. We were going to Outback with a giftcard, but there wasn’t any by us so we went to Chili’s.

We started going to Temple Square and of course it started raining. We grabbed some hot chocolate to warm us up, but then we drove around FOREVER to find a parking spot. We went around, saw one of those horse-drawn carriages back up into a car, and around and finally found a spot.

I don’t think we were supposed to park there, so we ran into the grounds and did the quickest few laps around the temple because we didn’t want to get a ticket, and that wet. Hahah. Fun date night adventure. Here are some of our pictures from this year:




  1. we went up to see the lights saturday night. is that when you guys were there too?

  2. Yeah Saturday in the rain! The lights were beautiful we were only there quickly though


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