Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to be Thankful

On Monday, Chris gave our Family Home Evening lesson about being thankful. As every FHE he gives, I loved hearing his testimony about everything he believes in and stands for. I'm grateful for such a great man who loves the Lord, loves this gospel, and loves me.
I'm grateful for the gospel. I'm so glad that when we do place the Lord first in our lives, that we will become closer to the Lord and to each other. Placing our foundation upon the Lord before anything else (ourselves and everything) we can make it back to our Father in Heaven.
I'm grateful for family. I love my family and Chris' family and I'm so glad we now have our tiny family of Chris and I where our priority is first with each other. I'm grateful with my relationships with family and am glad I have a close relationship especially with my mom who I love so much. My family has been such a great example to me and my parents have raised me always on the gospel and doing what is right.
I'm grateful for standards. My parents have always taught me about choosing the right, to be honest, and on the for strength of youth in being modest, chaste, kind etc. Those values I apply to my everyday life thanks to my parents who taught me from when I was young. They used to teach me that most important life decisions were decided by an individual by the time they were age 14. I'm glad my parents didn't just wait to teach us about standards and values when we were older, but would teach us while we were young.
I'm grateful for scriptures and our living prophet. We have these scriptures to lead and guide us, the most correct book on earth. In Nephi it says that there will be nothing that will be put in the scriptures that won't be for our benefit. I'm grateful for General Conference where we can listen to modern day scriptures from our leaders and especially from our prophet today: President Monson. He leads and guides us and will never lead us astray. He is a true man of God.
Again I'm so grateful for my amazing husband! He is always there for me. He loves me so much and is always so trustworthy, I always know that I can depend on him. Again he loves this gospel and we want to teach and raise our children on these principles that we have learned in our families. He loves the temple, he has a testimony, we have already set great habits from scripture studying, prayer, with saving money, FHE etc. We work things out, we work together as a team. I'm so glad I'm married to such a great man! We have such a bright future ahead and I'm excited to see what life has in store.
We are so blessed!!! It's a great time to be alive and to members of the church. Of course there is and will be challenges, but with the Lord we can accomplish anything and always be happy!!!

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