Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My bouquet ideas

Yes I will be doing my bouquet! Two things I've really wanted to do are a wedding scrapbook, and some of the flowers like my bouquet for my own wedding. I've made many bouquets and can basically be given a picture and create that.
These are some pictures that I want my bouquet to look like. For this one I love all of the roses that are used and want to make a majority of mine with cream/very very light pink centered roses.

This picture is pretty close too. You can see the roses and other flowers (I'll use different ones like Lisianthus, Hydrangeas, maybe eonies in mine. I have lace from my dress left over so I will wrap my bouquet in that alone with Swarvowski crystals like they have dangling from this bouquet. I also love the Lemon Leaves bordering the bottom.

I might change my mind, but I am going to add just a touch of green to the cream/pinks and add some green Hydrangeas so the pallet will be like this.

Another beautiful picture where you can see the creams and more of the very very light pinks from the roses and other flowers. This bouquet looks huge, mine will be a little smaller and won't have some of these flowers like Ranuculus.

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