Monday, August 23, 2010

Captured TWICE in WWII

Last week I finished the book "Rescued by Mao" written by one of my old next door neighboors William Taylor who served in WWII and was captured TWICE!!!

I loved hearing about his experiences, which were all true, and how he fought, was captured on Wake Island, and suffered so much while in the concentration camps. I can't imagine starving like that or how manipulative the enemy camps were, but he said during the duration of this hardship which was years, he always turned to the Lord and thanked him for his blessings and that he was alive.

At some close times he almost died, was beaten, and could have been greatly in danger or injured, but it's amazing how he was looked after and was dedicated to the Lord in prayer and also his habits and sharing the gospel to others.

Last night we also had a fireside where a man returned from Afghanistan where he served for quite a bit within the last few years and experienced many hardships too being in the face of danger and war. He too talked to us about turning to the Lord in prayer and actively practicing our faith in times away from family and the US.

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