Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Funny Girl" Musical 5 years later

One thing you might not know about me is that I've been in a bunch of plays/ musicals throughout the years. My favorite one I was in was "Funny Girl" which I performed in my Junior year of High School.
Our high school productions were crazy and the two ladies who directed the musicals were Broadway stars and the coreographer was professional too. People would tell us every year that ours were even better quality and performance than Broadways because of the level they were put together. It was so much fun.

I wish you could see this. I'm on the left and we learned how to skate for this number. For the play, the first few rows were taken out so there could be a circular ramp around the pit for a bunch of our numbers.

Me performing in "Funny Girl" as a Ziegfield Follies. My headpiece was three feet tall with a large train. We wore high-heels and could not put our arms down or slouch them once during the whole number, dance, song. One time we had to practice this for hours.

Whole view of the stage in the costume above. I had to stand on the very top staircase for the beginning and loved when the curtains opened to see this view as everyone clapped as we walked down the staircase hidden by that plant on the left.

I also learned how to tap dance for a few numbers like here as a sailor on the ramp that I talked about.

Also as a townsperson as we sang and danced. I loved it, such a fun experience

Chris and I went recently to the Scera to watch it.

Our only and last picture at the play before my camera died.

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