Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poolside Watching Shows with Roomie

Finally! Yesterday it snowed but today felt so great! Aimee and I went to the pool and had such a good time relaxing and talking about life. We brought my laptop out to catch up on some new episodes but.. the plug didn't work so we reconvened later inside. The sun felt great, it feels like forever we have seen it.My favorite was spending time with my roomie. We've had so much fun being roommates for a few years now and from the following pictures... we LOVE the sun. Please have it stay out for the rest of summer!

Going rope swinging at Mona together
Aimee and me, look at us go!

Perfect beach weather for us
Tender... mercy...

Catching some rays last March/April 2009

Really weird, to the pool today I wore that swimsuit, and she wore that one... This was from last years California Trip where she met Naters! This one is so tender :)

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  1. LOVE IT! Aimee has been blessed to be your roommie. Thanks for being the great friend you are. So much good ahead for both of you.


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