Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cutest Quilt for Baby Hallie

Me, Lynsi, and Chris' mom have helped put together a quilt for new baby Hallie. She is so cute and we've loved seeing her already. I didn't help as much with the quilt as with the flowers to go on the blanket.

We made a ton of flowers and sewed them onto the bottom right corner of the blanket.

This blanket was unique because some of the flowers that we made for the blanket were made into hair clips for the baby. We sewed buttons on the blanket so a handful of the flowers can come off and on for the baby to wear!

Here's a few of the flowers we put onto the blanket:


  1. so, i just decided that when i have a daughter you MUST make me a quilt like that. thanks in advanced :)

  2. Elise, could you please find out what fabric store(s) the material is from? THANK YOU!

  3. Thanks again for the cute quilt! I stole these pictures and put them on my blog, hope you don't mind! =)


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