Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creating Home as a Sacred Haven

From many of the classes I've had at BYU, especially regarding families and interior design, I've learned how to make the home a special place for the family and all who may come in. It's so important to create this haven which can bring the spirit into your home.
This family picture I took two summers ago. Its at an angle so I could get the glare off, but its the first thing you see when friends and family enter. Its big and center, and even has the Bella in it.

This picture was another one I took. We used this for one of our Christmas cards.
This is one of the picture of the Savior I have in my room. I think its so important to have pictures of Him to remember Him and to bring the spirit of peace within your surroundings. Having pictures of the Savior around us can also lead to missionary moments with friends and raising children, along with children recognizing at a young age the importance of the Savior and His role in our lives.
This picture is called Living Waters, with the Savior in our lives He can constantly fill us with His love and we need Him in order to return to our Father in Heaven.

The prophets have asked us to have a picture of the Temple in all the rooms in our homes. This one is in the front room (which I also made and blogged about a while ago) but it also serves as a reminder for goals and where we want to go and partake in sacred ordinances in. We also need the temple to return to our Heavenly Father.

I have always been uplifted from inspirational sayings and quotes and love to have them around me. (Yes I made this sign). I feel that I am uplifted and in better spirits when these "pick ups" are all around me, even if I don't consciously look for them or read them. Enjoy the journey has always been a favorite talk of mine from President Gordon B. Hinckley and also a saying to tell us that each time of our lives there are going to be hardships, but we need to learn that wherever life takes us, are things that can be enjoyed and loved which we should thank our Heavenly Father for.
Mirrors are another thing I love to have to create an increase of space, but the quote at the bottom is another saying I love.. "When the Lord commands, do it" - Joseph Smith. Following the Lord's commandment we are going to receive blessings, come closer to the Lord, and be happier when we are obedient and following the commandments.

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