Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheap and easy way to hang the temple in your home

I made this 3x2.5 feet picture of the temple thats hung on my wall.

How I made it:

FRAME: bought a cheap picture frame (look at places like Michaels, Walmart, JoAnns) for frames on sale or this one was slightly damaged (with one knick) which made the $60 frame into $15.

MATTING: Matting can be so expensive. For this I spent about $4 on thick black stiff paper that I cut and glued to go around the inside of the frame. Make sure that the length of the paper is at least the same length or longer than the frame to make everything look good together. I used a deep red to paint the matting and then with a stiff brush I dabbed on gold paint all over which gives it more effect but still showed the red as the main color.

PICTURE: The Distribution Center is great to find cheap pictures of the Savior, temples, prophet etc. This picture is a good size and I found this for like $1.

BACKGROUND: Since the picture frame doesn't have a background, I found a tan piece of construction paper that was nice and still stiff so it wouldn't sag, but still be able to hold the picture.

WORDING: I have not mastered calligraphy.. but I do know what fonts I liked. For the saying on top, I found the font and size I liked from Word and printed it out. I placed the words on top and with a pencil I pressed through to see the writing on the tan construction paper. I then got a small tipped brush and traced it with black paint.

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