Sunday, December 13, 2009

snow snow snow Snow SNOW!!

Aimee and I died getting to church today in the snow. It was the slushy kind of snow today and we got dumped with some overhead. Chris and I made bets when the first snow fall would be... he got it right (it was like Nov 14) and since the last week or two its been non-stop.

Aimee and I in the first snow fall of our Sophomore year two years back

This weekend was so fun. Got to go shopping for goodies, go out for dinner with Chris and see his mom's concert, and hang out with some of his siblings and their wife and kids. So fun hanging out with them!

It was dangerous too coming back to park by my complex. We have underground parking that you go down a ramp for. I was going down and back up to get to the parking lot behind my house and my car wouldn't make it. I let go of the gas and let my car slide backwards and as it did my car spun around and I missed the concrete wall by inches. Phew! I am so grateful me and my car were ok that's such a blessing. I feel really looked out for

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