Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Three month backdrop pictures

Drew is 24.5 in and 13 lbs. He LOVES playing on his playmat, sucking his hand, sleeping (9-10 hrs straight), eating, his changing table, peek a boo. He CAN look for you and follow your voice, smile. Giggle and squeal, sit upright without neck support, make bubbles with his mouth, scoot a little on his back and end up a foot away at a different angle.

Backdrops: PearlPearDesigns

He DISLIKES being hungry, tummy time or not seeing what's going on. MILESTONES this month he had under his tongue clipped, went on his first trip to St. George, laughed. I WEAR 3-6 month clothing, size 1 diapers.

Love love love this boy, so sweet, can easily entertain himself, loves sitting and looking at us from his carseat, love going in the car and exploring the world

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