Saturday, September 8, 2012

20 DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Monthly Onesie Gifts: How cute are these! You can find these cute iron on month stickers on Etsy.  Just prewash the onesies in advance and put on the stickers! So easy and way cute.  You can even make your own if you want to get really creative. 

Quick Change: Buy or make some of these drawstring bags for a "quick change" for this mother to be.  Each bag will have everything for a diaper change including: one diaper, ziplock bag of wipes, disposable changing pad, bag for disposal (could even be where the wipes were), and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.  What a great idea!

Closet Clothes Organizer: How about some of these cute closet organizers for a baby shower.  You can buy cheap door signs and make them beautiful so this new mother can organize the baby's closet.

DIY No-sew Pacifier Clips: Pacifier clips can be so easy and cute to make.  All you need is suspender mitten clips, glue gun, velcro tape, 12-inch long ribbon (love these cute ribbons she found), and beads, lace, or anything else to make it cute :)

DIY Nursing Cover: So many cute fabrics and so many cute designs a nursing cover can be so easy. 

Baby Mobile: Mobiles for a baby room can be so expensive.  With paper you can cut/punch out shapes and put them on fishing wire.  You can add other cute things from lace, beads, pearls, and more.

DIY Alphabet Name Plack: There are many cute ways to make this.  This blogger bought an alphabet stencil and spray painted it white and then put fabric behind the letters to make them different colors.  You can also use a stencil to stencil on the letters.

Burp Cloth:  Burp cloths are essential for every new baby.  You can even add cute initials or names on the cloths as well.
Applique Onesie Gift: There are so many cute designs you can put on onesies for boys and girls.  From cupcakes, birds, and sheep for girl onesies and basketball, sports, and cars for a little boy.

DIY Quiet Book: There are so many great tutorials online for creating a quiet book.  The quiet books are great and you can bring them anywhere.  You can make pages from colors, animals, shapes, and more!

Baby Shower Cupcake: I love all of the cute designs you can make from baby essential items with burp cloths, onesies, bibs, blankets.  Baby shower cupcakes are a great gift for a shower.

Washcloth Puppets: Made from terry cloth, you can make fun animals or people for a gift is a great idea.

Baby Wipe Cases:  Look how cute this baby wipe is! You can choose any kind of fabric and cute designs like lace and flowers in this wipe case below.

Receiving blanket and hats:  How cute is this customized blanket.  They cute out each letter and put it on this cute blanket that you can make or buy.

Baby Onesie Bouquet: Cute and easy way to put together cheap items from socks or wash cloths.  You can put a bouquet in a vase or flower pot.
DIY Baby Shoes:  These shoes are so cute, especially with a ruffle.  This pattern is a great step-to-step guide of how to make these.

Stroller Bag Carrier: I love this idea for making a stroller bag carrier.  Way useful and helpful for a mom on the go!

Baby Shower Gift in a Jar:  Here is a concept that I haven't seen around but I came up with.  A baby shower gift in a jar which creates a beautiful display of the gifts you are giving for a baby shower.

Baby Headbands: Headbands can be a cheap and cute gift or can even be a cute 'bow' ontop of a present.
Growth Chart:  I love this idea for a growth chart, you can make it out of wood or fabric like this baby growth chart below.


  1. These are some fabulous gifts!

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  5. such amazing ideas!! every gift is a great gift!!!

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  10. Love this! Thanks for the idea. In the process of planning a baby shower & birthday gift this will be perfect.

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  11. So Cute! I just went to a baby shower, wish my gift had been half this clever.

  12. So Cute! I just went to a baby shower, wish my gift had been half this clever.

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  15. So much cool ideas! Thanks ! I can't really wait for the next baby shower that I will attend to pick one of them ( and I wish I have had most of them for my own baby shower :))

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